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Two C-RHS teachers recognized as Nationally Board Certified Teachers

December 21, 2017

Two C-RHS teachers have achieved a prestigious accomplishment in public education.

C-RHS Mathematics teacher Tracy Smith and C-RHS Art teacher Mary Jane Lynd, after years of hard work, recently achieved National Board Certification.

Art teacher Mary Jane Lynd, standing, says pursuing national certification has encouraged her to try new teaching methods, such as allowing students to design their own scoring rubrics. Above, students work on a papier mache project. Photo by Marty Kerins Jr., NYSUT. Used with permission.

NBC is a voluntary and rigorous process for certifying educators in 25 certificate areas. The mission of the National Board is to advance student learning and achievement by establishing the definitive standards and systems for certifying accomplished educators, providing programs and advocating policies that support excellence in teaching and leading, and engaging National Board Certified Teachers and leaders in that process. The National Board seeks to elevate the status, voice, and role or accomplished teachers in shaping a true profession.

Since 1987, just over 100,000 teachers have achieved National Board Certification across the United States.

“Our district is served by some truly outstanding professionals,” said Superintendent Carl Mummenthey. “Ms. Smith and Ms. Lynd submitted themselves to a rigorous process of self- and peer-review that will only benefit the students of C-R. I congratulate them on their certifications.”

The certification process consists of four components: Content Knowledge; Differentiation in Instruction; Teaching Practice and Learning Environment; and Effective and Reflective Practitioner. Under the newly streamlined process, components can be completed in up to three years, along with three portfolio entries submitted online and one computer-based assessment administered at a local testing center.

Cobleskill-Richmondville TA President Dawn Townsend, an NBCT herself, thanked the C-R administration for its support of the NBC process.

“C-R continues to value and support our teachers,” she said. “I am proud to work for a district that values this type of quality professional growth.”


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