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‘Sweethearts and Heroes’ brings anti-bullying message to C-R

February 26, 2019

Rick Yarosh, of “Sweethearts and Heroes” is a Retired Sergeant with the United States Army. Injured in Iraq in 2006, he then spent 6 months in the hospital at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, C-R was honored to have former UFC fighter Tom Murphy and Army veteran Rick Yarosh of “Sweethearts and Heroes” at our schools for anti-bullying assemblies.

The motivational speakers brought with them a message about the impact bullying has on all of our schools, our neighborhoods, and individuals.

Bullying is the focus of the presentation, but rather than focus on the bully, Sweethearts and Heroes focuses on the bystander. It is a unique approach that has drawn rave reviews. The Sweethearts and Heroes team will be presenting at Golding in the morning and at the high school in the afternoon.

The assemblies are co-sponsored by many groups who support C-R students including CREST, CREF, the All Sports Booster Club, and the Donna Lavigne Agency.

Did you know that long ago the word “bully” referred to someone’s sweetheart? Yarosh said in much the same way a bully these days might physically push you, a bully in those days would emotionally encourage you.  He encouraged students to be like those 16th Century bullies.

“We all need people in our lives to push and encourage us,” he said.

Murphy encouraged students to step up when they see someone being excluded or bullied, saying it’s as simple as the ABCs:

A – “If you see someone who’s being bullied, get them Away from that situation.”

B – “Be their Buddy, You don’t have to be best friends with them, but be a Buddy.”

C – “Call for help.”

Murphy emphasized that prevention begins with action.

Wanting to do something doesn’t help,” he said. “You have to be willing to do something and actually do it.”

The assemblies didn’t end with the students – In the evening the district is hosting a “Parent University” at the high school from 6:30-8.

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