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Students build resumes and financial security

June 20, 2017
man in a shirt and tie standing with three high school students

Kevin Smith from from Fenimore Asset Management with C-RHS students Gene Broadwell, Nate Mackey, and Will Fontanent.

Students in Mr. Weiss’ and Mrs. Pugh’s Economic Classes were fortunate to have two excellent speakers engage them about the importance of resume building and financial security during this past semester.

Ronald Pleban from SUNY Cobleskill Center for Student Success and Kevin Smith from Fenimore Asset Management discussed these topics. “What are you going to build on your resume?” was the theme of Mr. Pleban’s presentation.

Two resumes of college seniors were depicted, one had two pages of volunteerism, internships, certifications, courses taken, and the other resume displayed half a page of information including playing video games.

This was a lesson that resounded well with all students, as most all will further themselves in various means, it is always important to keep building your resume as jobs and career change more rapidly than ever.

To ensure that students will enjoy the profound benefits of financial security, Smith took time to focus on credit cards, investing basics, and the benefits of compound interest.

man in a shirt and tie working with a high school student.

Ronald Pleban from SUNY Cobleskill Center for Student Success and Nate Mackey work to improve Nate’s resume.

“There is no point in investing when your credit card debt is out of control,” he explained.

Students were reinforced with the knowledge that compound interest is a powerful force when you invest, but also when you are in debt.   With that Mr. Smith provided practical knowledge to investing and methods to achieve the goal of financial security. This included the ability and ease in which the students can get started now with a Roth IRA.

The students felt fortunate to have two highly capable individuals take time out of their busy schedules to help guide them toward a bright future.

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