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Ryder Elementary

Building Safety Procedures

Student drop off

Please remember the drop off lane is NO PARKING. If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in a designated spot. When dropping your student off, please pull as far forward as possible and drop off at the curb only. Thank you for your cooperation to provide the safest possible experience for all.

If you intend to do “parent pick up” we ask that you submit the necessary paperwork in Ryder’s main office prior to the start of the school year.

 Change in transportation

If your child will be dismissed from school early or will not be riding the bus at the end of the day, please send a note in the morning with this information so that bus passes can be prepared and teachers and drivers notified. When writing notes for transportation changes, please be sure to include specific name(s) and street address of where your child needs to go. Notes must include more than “to grandma’s house” or “to the babysitter’s home.” Dismissal plan changes will not be accepted by telephone. Emergency transportation changes require permission from the principal.

Visitor Passes

Whenever entering the school building report immediately to the office, sign in and receive a visitor’s pass. Never go to any classroom without first reporting to the main office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass.

Student Absence

The Board of Education attendance policy asks parents to notify the office every time your child is absent. The office will make an effort to contact you on a daily basis if your child is not in school and we have not heard from you. Please remember to send a written excuse within three days to school with your child when returning from an absence.