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SADD hosting Wellness Fair at C-RHS

May 19, 2016

Students Against Destructive Decisions is holding a Wellness Fair in the cafeteria on Friday, May 20, for C-RCS juniors and seniors.

The Wellness Fair will bring in many volunteers from the community to talk about the overall well-being of our students before prom. There will be discussion of  topics such as the legal ramifications of drinking and driving, mental health, safe sex, the effects of smoking, the effects of drugs, defensive driving, the effects of tanning beds and skin cancer, and finally a “beer goggles” obstacle course.

Once students have visited and partaken in activities at five of these booths, they will be treated to ice cream sundaes.

It is our hope that by relaying this information to our students before prom they will make healthy life decisions, and have a safe and enjoyable prom night!

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