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Radez students hear songs of inspiration

January 16, 2015

Radez students hear songs of inspirationHe rocked the crowd and filled their hearts.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Radez Elementary students attended an assembly featuring Jared Campbell’s Blue Project, a presentation that uses song and humor to talk about bullying prevention, overcoming obstacles and treating one another with respect.

“If you’ve ever been bullied, I want you to understand that nothing anyone can ever say to you – to your face, to someone else, or on social media – changes your value as a person,” Campbell told enthralled third-through-fifth graders on Friday, Jan. 16.

Through original songs and humorous life stories, Campbell encouraged the students to believe in their self-worth, work hard to change the world, and understand that meaningful change happens one step at a time.

“The number one way we end bullying in our schools is to decide that Radez, as one big family, is going to stand up to it,” Campbell said.

More information on The Blue Project can be found at

Click here to visit the C-RCS Facebook page to see more photos and video from the assembly.

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