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SchoolTool Parent Portal FAQ

What is SchoolTool Parent Portal?

SchoolTool Parent Portal is a web-based access portal that allows parents to view information about their child’s educational programs, as well as how their son/daughter is doing in school.

How do I access the Parent Portal?

The following link will take you to the Parent Portal login screen: The link can also be accessed by clicking on the schooltool logo  on the C-R website under the “Connect” heading.

What do I do if I forgot my user ID or password?

Your user ID would be your email account. Click on New User or Forgot Password and go through the steps. Send an email to for help.

I locked myself out of my account or have other problems, who do I contact?

The first person to contact would be your school’s secretary. If the problem is a more technical issue please contact our Parent Portal support team at

How do I get an account?

If you are listed as your child’s primary contact and have an email on record, you will be sent an email with the link to sign up for parent portal. If you would like an additional account please contact

What browser should I be using?

The preferred browser is an updated version of Internet Explorer. You can also use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

What happens if my email address changes?

Please contact your child’s guidance office with any change of information. Once your account change has been processed, your parent portal user name will be updated to reflect the new email address as well. You should allow from 24 to 48 hours for any changes to be reflected in the system.

What can I do if I see that my child has low grades on assignments?

The best thing to do would be to contact your child’s teacher to discuss concerns.

I have children in multiple schools in the district. Do I need separate accounts for each student?

No. A parent can access information for all of their children with one account.

Why am I having trouble printing from schooltool?

An ActiveX Print Control must be installed on all Internet Explorer clients that will require printing of reports. Users will be prompted to install this Print Control add-on the first time they attempt to print from the report viewer if it has not already been installed. Please note that 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer do not support this print control.

Is there an App for Parent Portal?

Yes, you can download the Applications by clicking on the links below.

The Mobile version of schooltool is available on all recent mobile devices that support web browsing. Devices that have been tested include, but are not limited to: Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android (multiple hardware configurations), BlackBerry (operating systems 4.6.x and higher), and Palm OS. Some older devices that use non-HTML methods for interpreting pages may not function properly

What internet browsers support schooltool?

Schooltool supports the following browsers:

  • Windows: Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit versions only)
  • Mac: Safari 5.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome version 40 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox version 35 or higher