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Norris found the right prescription for her future in Capital Region BOCES New Visions: Health Careers

June 20, 2019

Cobleskill-Richmondville High School Senior Allison Norris has accomplished something few others can claim, earning a perfect 4.0 in the Capital Region BOCES New Visions: Health Careers Program at Ellis Medicine.

Norris, an aspiring physician, is the first to earn the achievement in the college- and high school scholars’ course at Ellis Medicine in more than decade, said teacher Erica Kane.

“I just learn better here. … I understand how the courses apply to my future,” she said.

And because of that, Norris is certain that future includes helping others.

Having witnessed in person a C-section, hysterectomy and stroke patients being cared for through her studies at New Visions: Health Careers, Norris said there is no doubt she will pursue a career in medicine. She is enrolled in the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in the fall where she will pursue a pre-med track with an eye on becoming an emergency room physician. She will be aided in that pursuit by a $10,000 scholarship the College of Pharmacy offers New Visions: Health Careers students.

“I did a rotation in the ER with New Visions and I just like the fast-paced environment there. I saw first-hand the environment in the ER and I fell in love with it. I like the pace and all of the problem solving, it’s something new every day,” said Norris.

Before entering the New Visions program, Norris had a different specialty in mind.

“I had thought about forensics pathology,” she said, but added that all changed during the rotations that each New Visions: Health Careers student takes part in.

Those include rotations in the operating room where Norris witnessed a hysterectomy, rotations in outpatient surgical care where she witnessed an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, and rotations in labor and delivery at Bellevue Woman’s Center where she witnessed a C-Section.

“The way they cut open the stomach and pulled out the baby is crazy,” she said. “I was standing right there, behind the doctors and nurses.”

Norris said she is extremely grateful she was selected to take part in the New Visions: Health Careers program.

“I love all of it. I love the environment, I love that everyone is mature and focused on a goal,” she said.

Taking a break from her studies in the Ellis Hospital McClellan Street Health Center, Norris said she is well prepared for life in college and a future in medicine.

“I wrote a 32-page lab paper for New Visions. That helped me understand the volume of work at college and I also have learned how to budget time – we had a lot of assignments piled on us at once and you had to learn how to handle them all,” she said.

“New Visions helped me greatly,” Norris added.

Kane said Norris is the “most academically committed and conscientious student” she has taught during her 15 years in the classroom.

“Allison is the only student to have achieved (perfect scores) in the four years that I have been teaching this program at Ellis Medicine – the second student in twelve years,” Kane added.

“Aside from strong academics, she is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated to helping her community.  While she may admit that she is shy, I have watched Allison tear down the walls of her comfort zone and truly immerse herself in the Ellis Medicine community.  She is going to be a rock-star medical professional one day—I am so incredibly proud of her,” Kane added.

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