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Mrs. Bristol builds business at C-R

July 31, 2018

Mrs. Bristol’s marketing and entrepreneurship classes have made an impact on the school, its students, and the community. The student-run D1 Ground Coffee Shop and CRCS Express have given back to the community and revitalized  the school store.

D1 Ground Coffee Shop

After learning about entrepreneurs, basic business information, social responsibility, and business plans, the students in Mrs. Bristol’s Entrepreneurship class operated the school coffee shop under the name D1 Ground for the second half of the school year.  Students received first-hand knowledge on a much smaller scale of daily operations and ownership of a business.

They also met with many local entrepreneurs during the year to hear about their businesses, how they got started, the good points as well as the bad, and their future goals for their businesses.

The main recipient for our profits this year was the Northeast Kidney Foundation who received a check for $2000.  This organization was chosen do to a classmate’s connection with this organization.  Students also chose to donate a week’s profits and donations of $325 to the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley along with a box of donated pet supplies.

CRCS Express

Mrs. Bristol’s Marketing class was given the challenge of bringing back the school store.  However, we had to design this without a physical room as our storefront.  Student’s met with Mr. Carson’s Engineering Design and Development class to brainstorm a mobile cart for our store.  While the Design class worked on our mobile cart, the class began market research to analyze what should be sold at our store.  They looked online at what other schools were offering, conducted an online survey to staff, students, and parents to gain feedback.  Working with Judy Moore, from WhaDaYaNeed?, we designed approximately 10 items for our high school.  Students were able to sell at a few functions this year without the cart to get us started.  We also created and sold staff apparel.

Our mobile cart is now complete and will be up and running next year during some school hours to be determined and various events.  Our new school store, CRCS Express will also have an online component and will have the ability to accept credit cards.  Look for emails and postings for our items and prices late summer or early fall.



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