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Hughes takes 2nd place in Cobleskill Rescue Squad Essay Contest

June 6, 2019

Congratulations to C-R’s Danielle Hughes, who took second place in this year’s Cobleskill Rescue Squad Essay Contest.

The contest was organized to commemorate National Emergency Medical Services Week, May 19-25, and the theme was “How Emergency Medical Services Changed My Life.”  Hughes, a fifth grader in Radez Elementary, was awarded $200 for second place.

Hughes’ essay, “The Fall,” is based on the actual event of her sister falling from a second-story window.

Here it is, in its entirety:

The Fall

Based on a true event

By Danielle Hughes

It was just a normal summer lunch, warm air and sweet smells everywhere. I took a bite of my turkey sandwich when the door suddenly slammed open. My brother Matthew, who was three years old, came in screaming something about my five year old sister but no one understood what he meant.

My dad went outside to see what was going on and came back in with Gabrielle over his shoulder yelling, “CALL 9-1-1 CALL 9-1-1 !” My body started to swell up with horror as I ran and hid in my closet.

The door would open and voices were talking then it would shut again. I could hear a vehicle drive out of the driveway, a siren trailing behind it.

My sister had fallen out of a second story window at my house. I was comforted by many. The ambulance was gone, but the siren was still there.

Once I saw her again, I knew all was well. Without the emergency services my sister would probably not be here anymore. And I would have a life of sadness. Without my sister my family is not complete. Thanks to the emergency services my family is still whole. Thank you.

These emergency services changed my life. They made me whole. Completed my family. Everyone needs help. They can help you too!

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