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Hantho earns full ROTC scholarship

June 22, 2017

C-R’s Noah Hantho has earned a full Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

The scholarship was awarded for Noah’s academic and athletic abilities, as well as his display of leadership potential.

“I was a little stunned,” said Noah, who had also applied for a Naval ROTC scholarship.   “I have always been attracted to military service. The opportunity to serve my country is a duty I’ve felt since a young age.”

A proclamation issued by the Three Rivers Battalion at the University of Pittsburgh stated, “Noah’s hard work in the classroom has earned him a scholarship worth $108,400.”

Upon graduation, Noah will be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army.

His parents couldn’t be more proud of Noah’s accomplishments.

“I’m ecstatic, because we’ve always talked to Noah about making good financial decisions and he’s doing just that,” said his father, Ed.

Principal Melissa Ausfeld, and Noah, Amanda, and Ed Hantho. Noah has earned a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

“When we got the confirmation of the scholarship, it struck us that we were starting to see his dreams come true before our eyes,” said his mother, Amanda.

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