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FFA visits 5th graders

April 1, 2017

Did you know that only 2 percent of people involved in agriculture are involved in production? Other careers are in entomology, food science, mechanical engineering and more!

Fifth graders at Radez learned this and much more during a visit by Mrs. Fletcher and many Future Farmers of America students.  The FFA students – Devin Cooper, Steve Proath, River Sisson, Allen Graulich, Nate Hay, Zach Chenier, Sam Hauenstein and​ Rose Foote – spoke  about maple production and agriculture in Schoharie County and beyond.

“Our students really loved learning from the high schoolers,” said Radez Librarian Laura Gagnon. “It was especially great to hear the things our FFA students are working on learning more about such as veterinary science, dairy farming, advocating for agriculture. And of course several of their former teachers stopped in to share how proud they are of them!”

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