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Economics students get hands-on learning at FAM

July 10, 2018

businessman sitting at a conference table with a bunch of students.

In June, students from Mr. Weiss’ Advanced Placement Economics class took a voluntary field trip to Fenimore Asset Management (FAM) in Cobleskill.

Joining the students was Ethan F. Guarino from Mrs. Haag’s Economic Class.  The student were hosted by Peter Sweetser, Retirement Planning Specialist.  Mr. Sweetser gave the students profound insight into FAM’s management of nearly $3 billion in assets.

The tour began with an introduction by Mr. Sweetser followed an introduction to client services by Mr. Christopher La Porta.  Then the student learned what went into investment research by Mr. Drew P. Wilson.  FAM’s unique investing philosophy was explained to the students. Students learned about the idea of businesses needing to create a ‘moat’ to protect themselves from competition. Mr. Wilson implored the need for a curious mind in this field of business. Then the students were greeted by the Director of Trading, Keith Cataldo who demonstrated the Bloomberg Computer for trading.

The students were well informed by this trip and their curiosity was surely sparked by Mr. Sweetser and his many colleagues. We thank him and the members of the FAM team for their time spent with us.

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