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Comptroller: C-RCS saves taxpayers $1.7 million by providing cost-effective Special Ed services

March 1, 2016

The Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District saved its taxpayers $1.7 million last school year by providing in-house special education programs and related services, according to an audit by the NYS Comptroller’s Office.

The District provides special education programs and related services to students in lieu of contracting with other special education providers. C-RCS also provides special education services to 13 other school districts in the region, allowing them to save a total of $1.3 million in tuition costs as compared to other providers.

The routine audit, which covered the period from September 2014 to June 2015, was conducted to determine whether the district provided cost effective special education services and whether the tuition rate charged covered the cost of providing these services

“As a result of providing special education services in-house, the District and 13 other districts realized cost savings,” the audit states. Auditors made no recommendations to the district to change its practices and commended C-RCS for “providing cost-effective special education services to District students and those from other districts.”

“The NYS Comptroller’s audit is indicative of our commitment to provide the best educational experience for each and every Cobleskill-Richmondville student, while always looking through the lens of what is best for the local taxpayer,” said Board of Education President Bruce Tryon. “The fact that the Comptroller’s audit commends our staff for providing cost-effective special education services to C-RCS and neighboring districts corroborates the hard work, dedication, and leadership of district administration and staff.”

“We take great pride in the quality and cost-effectiveness of our district’s special education programs,” said Superintendent Carl Mummenthey. “By working together with neighboring districts, we are able to provide high quality programming for our region’s special education students while delivering significant savings to our taxpayers.”

“We are fortunate to serve many of our special education students with in-house services, but we will continue to partner with BOCES and other service providers to best meet the needs of all our students,” said Mummenthey.

Click here to view the complete report from the NYS Comptroller’s Office.


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