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C-R Juniors earn scholarships

May 26, 2017

From left: Kristin Komarinski, Counselor, Gabby Graham, Mitchell Vanderwerken, Sarrah Aliewie, Mairead Cooney, Brennan Loder, Hana Kim, Jeremiah Haslun, Assistant Principal.

Cobleskill Richmondville Juniors Brennan Loder, Sarrah Aliewie, Hana Kim, Mitchell Vanderwerken, Gabrielle “Gabby” Graham and Mairead Coone)/ have been recognized for excellence by RPI, Clarkson, RIT, Russell Sage College and Le Moyne College.

Brennan Loder was awarded the Rensselaer Medal for Excellence in math and science. A $100,000 scholarship (paid over four years) to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute goes with the medal.  Brennan also won the Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal, a $28,000 scholarship (paid over four years).

Sarrah Aliewie and Mitchell Vanderwerken both earned recognition from Clarkson University for their excellence in Project Lead the Way. Sarrah received the $60,000 Clarkson Leadership Award (paid over four years) and Mitchell received the $48,000 Clarkson Achievement Award (paid over four years). Sarrah also won the RIT Computing Medal scholarship worth $28,000 (paid over four years).

Hana Kim and Mitchell Vanderwerken earned the Innovation and Creativity Awards, a $28,000 scholarship (paid over four years) from R.I.T. recognizing their innovative and creative abilities.

Gabby Graham received the designation “Student Sage” Scholar from Russell Sage College.  Sage Scholars exemplify the college motto “To Be, To Know, To Do,” and are eligible for annual scholarships up to 10,000 per year.

Mairead Cooney earned the Le Mayne College Heights Award that recognizes classroom excellence. The Heights Award is a $50,000 scholarship (paid over four years).


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