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Back to School Information for Golding Middle School

September 6, 2016

The following is a letter from Golding MS Principal Scott McDonald that was emailed to parents on Tuesday, Sept. 9:

Dear Middle School Families,

We are getting excited for the start of what will be a great school year. Here are some important items you will want to know as we open school:

Opening Days

Sixth grade students will be the only students in attendance on Wednesday, September 7. Our WEB coordinators and WEB leaders will host the day’s activities for the 6th grade students.

Seventh and eighth grade students start school on Thursday, September 8. All middle school studentsare in school on Thursday, September 8.

School Day

Our school day runs from 7:55 am to 3:05 pm.   NOTE: Dismissal is 10 minutes earlier than in previous years.

Our late bell rings at 8:10 am. Arrival after that time is considered tardy to school and students will need to sign in with our attendance clerk. Doors are not open before 7:55 am, so students should not be arriving before that time. If you are a walker, please plan accordingly so you arrive when the doors open. Students taking buses will be released to the school at 7:55 am.

Before School Program

Golding Middle School offers a “Before School Program” for all students in grades 6 through 8. If your child would benefit from a structured start to the day, or simply needs a place to be before school that is supervised, consider joining. The program runs from 7:00 am to 8:00 am, daily (except for 2-hour delay days and school closings – no before school program on those days). There is no fee for the Before School Program. Sign up is easy! Call the Middle School Office at (518) 234-8368, option 2 and speak with a secretary.

Breakfast Program

Students are able to participate in the breakfast program at Golding Middle School. The cafeteria is open each morning from 7:55 am to 8:10 am. Students arriving after that time can get a breakfast-to-go that they can eat in homeroom. Healthy vending items are available throughout the day in the cafeteria dining area. Bottled water and other snacks that meet federal guidelines are stocked and accessible.

Class Structure and Report Cards

Golding Middle School utilizes a block schedule for core classes. Students have extended learning time, approximately 75 minutes per block, every other day. Encore classes still meet for 45 minutes, typically every other day as well. Report cards are issued every 6 weeks and are hand-carried home by students.

Homework Hotline

During the school year, our daily homework assignments are a phone call away. Call the Middle School after 4:00 pm to hear that day’s homework assignments.

  • Option 6 – 6th grade homework assignments
  • Option 7 – 7th grade homework assignments
  • Option 8 – 8th grade homework assignments

Assignments are also posted on our website.


You can keep track of upcoming events by visiting our website and clicking on the Morning Announcements link.  This is a summary of what students hear during homeroom. Club meetings, sports results, and upcoming events are all listed for your viewing.

In closing, we are excited for you and for all that this school year can be! We’ll see you soon.


Mr. McDonald


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