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All Day, Every Day, On Time and Ready to Work!

February 7, 2017

“All Day, Every Day, On Time and Ready to Work” has been the attendance goal for Ryder Elementary School this year.  At the midpoint of the year at the end of January, seven Ryder students and their families were recognized for achieving this goal of Perfect Attendance for the first half of the year.   Our School Attendance Matters bulldog, SAM, awarded students and parents with certificates and sweet treats for their accomplishment and support of school attendance.   Additionally, 113 Ryder students were recognized for having Excellent Attendance with no more than two days absent and a total of no more than four lates/early dismissals.

Starting February 1, all Ryder students got a “Fresh Start” in working towards Perfect, Excellent and Improved Attendance awards for the second half of the year.  Attendance for each homeroom is also being tracked and classes are recognized monthly for the best attendance at each grade level.


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