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Regents Review

It’s that time of year again!  Regents exam preparation and review are underway.  C-RCS high school offers a few ways for students to study and review for these exams.


WMHT in cooperation with NYSUT, WCNY, and others, provide live review programming on local PBS stations.  Check out the schedule here.

Last year’s review episodes can be found here.


Our local teachers provide review sessions for our students in their classrooms. The English Department will be holding Regents Review sessions on the following days after school. More dates may be added as the month progresses.

ELA Regents Review Sessions – From 3-4 p.m. on the following days:

  • Tuesday, May 22   Mr. LaMena Room 266
  • Wednesday, May 23   Mrs. Back (264)
  • Thursday, May 24   Mr. LaMena (266)
  • Tuesday, May 29   Mr. LaMena (266)
  • Wednesday, May 30  Mrs. Back (264)
  • Thursday, May 31   Mr. LaMena (266)
  • Tuesday, June 5   Mr. Fasciglione (263)


    Earth Science – Ms. Mahar, room 111 until 4:30

  • Tuesday, May 14
  • Thursday, May 18
  • Monday, May 21
  • Wednesday, May 24
  • Tuesday, May 28
  • Thursday, June 1
  • Monday, June 4
  • Wednesday, June 8


There are a variety of resources on the Internet for students to prepare for Regents.

New York State Education Department offers access to all past Regents Exams.


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