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August 4, 2014

Board of Education Meeting
Golding Middle School Library at 7:00 p.m.



Nov. 15, 2011

Frequently asked questions about SINI

What is “SINI” status?

“SINI” stands for “School in Need of Improvement.” It is a designation based on whether a school made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) toward achievement of the New York State Standards. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is one of the cornerstones of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001. It is a measure of the year-to-year change in student achievement on statewide tests. Schools that do not meet the state standard for AYP for two or more consecutive years are designated as schools in need of improvement.

This designation alone does not indicate a failing school. However, it does provide information for principals, teachers and parents on the areas of the academic program that can be improved.

How did Golding Middle School receive the SINI designation?

Golding Middle School is now in SINI status because not enough of its students with disabilities subgroup population tested as proficient (Level 3 or 4) on the New York State English Language Arts (ELA) standardized test in 2010 and 2011. As such, Golding Middle School did not make adequate yearly progress (AYP). In order for a school as a whole to make adequate yearly progress, every student must meet a designated achievement level on statewide assessments.

Although district leaders believe there is no excuse for any of C-RCS’s schools failing to meet AYP, there are two factors to consider when talking about the students with disabilities subgroup: First, all students, including students with disabilities, are held to the same academic standards by the state. Second, not all students in this subgroup are educated at Golding Middle School; some are educated at out-of-district schools that are structured to meet students’ needs, as indicated on students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), which makes it more difficult to regularly monitor their daily instruction. These students’ scores are included in the aggregate assessment results.

To learn more about the district’s test scores, the district’s most recent Accountability and Overview report publicly released by NYSED can be viewed here:

The district’s Comprehensive Information Report can be viewed here:

What is C-RCS doing to improve student achievement in the middle school?
While the SINI designation is based on testing results from a sub-group that contains 52 students at the middle school, the district is using the situation as an opportunity to make changes geared toward raising the academic proficiency of all students.

Middle School Principal Scott McDonald has assembled a School Quality Review Team that is taking a comprehensive look at all the school’s instructional delivery, with a focus on special education. From that, a Quality Improvement Plan will be developed that will contain measurable goals for the school.

In addition, the school will be working with Meagan Kumar, a special education school improvement specialist, who will be providing technical assistance to the district.

If you have any questions about SINI, please contact middle school Principal Scott McDonald at 234-8368, ext. 2010 or Assistant Principal Jeff Klenk at 234-8368, ext. 2011.

How can parents be involved?

Parents are an integral part of ensuring the academic success of their children. Here are some suggestions to help you work with your school and the district to support improvements:

• Make sure your child comes to school every day on time.

• Make sure all homework assignments and school projects are completed on time.

• Let teachers know you wish to hear from them as soon as problems occur so that you can work together to find a solution.

• Join/attend the Instructional/Program Committee.

• Learn more about No Child Left Behind requirements by accessing the NYSED website at

• Continue to visit the district website to learn about our improvement initiatives.

• Visit your child’s school and volunteer.

• Join the Middle School Family Association. Dates for meetings are listed on the district calendar.

• Talk with district staff about the Quality Improvement Plan to help students meet the state standards in English language Arts and mathematics.

• Become aware of strategies to improve student academic achievement. The United States Department of Education website offers many helpful publications for parents at, including a website of free academic resources from federal agencies: