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Word of the Month for July - Cooperation



August 4, 2014

Board of Education Meeting
Golding Middle School Library at 7:00 p.m.



Jan. 11, 2012

Energy savings presentation

From the left, Jim Gallety of Energy Education, Inc.; C-RCS Supervisor of Buildings
and Grounds, Bill Himme; Jim O'Connor, engineer mechanic;  and C-RCS Board of
Education President, Bruce Tryon.


C-RCS saves $1.55 million in energy costs

For the past six years, C-RCS has partnered with Energy Education, Inc. to discover ways in which the district could conserve energy use and be more efficient.

The program focused on implementing behavioral changes — such as turning off lights and computers when not in use — and organizational changes — such as devise ways to lower consumption when school is not in session — to substantially reduce energy costs without needing to spend capital up front.

To date, the district has a 30 percent savings rate, which equals about $1.55 million saved on energy costs.

C-RCS Board of Education President Bruce Tryon offered congratulations to Bill Himme, C-RCS Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, and his team for the work they did to make this program a success.

“That’s a huge achievement,” Tryon said.

Jim Galletly of Energy Education was on hand to present plaques to the district as well as a check symbolizing the district’s savings to date.