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Board approves feasibility study for Maranatha property

June 7, 2017

The Cobleskill-Richmondville Board of Education approved feasibility and environmental studies related the possible purchase of the Maranatha Family Center in Warnerville when they met on Monday night, June 5.

The studies will help the board determine the feasibility of moving both the transportation and maintenance departments into one centrally located facility within the district. The Maranatha building was constructed as a fitness center/sports complex but is currently vacant. The building is approximately 61,000 square feet and includes 29,000 square feet of open area and 32,000 square feet of two-story office space.

Last year, the state required five-year Building Condition Survey determined the current C-RCS transportation facility located at 284 Elm Street, Cobleskill, to be inadequate for current transportation service needs and in need of major safety and structural renovations.
The board is studying the Maranatha property as one of many possible solutions to addressing the transportation department’s needs. Other options include renovating the current facility, purchasing and renovating an existing available property, or purchasing property and constructing a new facility.

“We know we need to address our transportation needs, but we still have a lot of information to gather,” said Superintendent Carl Mummenthey. “The board has authorized a preliminary study of relocating our transportation and maintenance facilities. The board of education cannot purchase real estate without voter approval, and would not do so until it conducted a thorough assessment of the property and the impact it would have on taxpayers and the operation of the district.”

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